The company’s trajectory began in 1990 in Cabezon de Pisuerga (Valladolid), Spain. The company’s business is focused on the development and production of raw materials for livestock. Thanks to the efforts, dedication and innovation, the company was able to achieve a leading position in the processing of cereals in Spain. Since 2005, the company has implemented a system of micronization of legumes, which allows the use of protein and starch fractions separately, improving the organoleptic properties of raw materials and facilitating digestion. WELLFARM is the official importer of Spanish products, the most popular product is micronized soya, which is used to make prestarters for piglets

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ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is a Spanish closed-loop meat processing company that dates back to 1935: the starting point is the opening of a restaurant in El Pozo Concejil. The first regional-scale factory was built in 1954. Today, the company’s products are exported to more than 80 countries on 4 continents. The business model of a family business is based on social and environmental responsibility. The philosophy is based on innovations that are applied at all stages of production. The lion’s share of resources is directed to research and development of balanced products, as ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is considered a pioneer in the field of healthy eating. The corporation currently has more than 4,600 employees. ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN ranks 20th in the ranking of the Spanish food sector. The company has one of the most modern slaughter facilities in Europe, which are located in the city of Alhama de Murcia, production has a closed cycle, all raw materials come from its own farms, so quality control is at the maximum level. WELLFARM is the official importer in Ukraine of meat and bone flour and blood flour of the Spanish corporation ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN

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