Feed is the main tool for pork production, so it must be constantly high quality and safe for animals! 

In 2021, the Ukrainian company WELLFARM LLC signed an agreement with INGASO FARM S.L.U. (Spain) and became the exclusive representative of this manufacturer in Ukraine. INGASO FARM is one of the world’s leading companies with a leading position in the production of feed and feed additives for pigs, owning an experimental farm, which conducts research on absolutely all genetics in the world. With the highest standardization of production, INGASO FARM products are represented in many countries around the world. INGASO FARM is a leading Spanish company in the feeding sector, focusing on the complete feeding of pigs from birth. WELLFARM Ltd. together with INGASO FARM aims to provide a wide variety of products for your piglets, sows and fattening animals based on Spanish kernels. 

INGASO FARM began operations in the 1980s and soon consolidated itself as a leader in pig farming in the Iberian Peninsula. In 1997, the company began to export its products with a firm step. With the opening of a new plant in the north of Spain and joining the FAES FARMA GROUP, the company has reached new levels of quality and prestige. WELLFARM products are developed on the basis of INGASO FARM cores (Spain).

The range of products aims to provide animals with complete feed, based on raw materials that have farms. In addition, you will always be sure that you feed your animals quality products due to the synergistic interaction of feed additives with each other, which are part of the nuclei of Spanish production. Together with Spanish technologists, we create individual feeding programs for our customers based on available raw materials, housing conditions and existing production. 

The result of using these products are:

  • high level of gastrointestinal development of piglets;
  • increase in weight of piglets at birth;
  • increasing the number of piglets born and the level of their safety;
  • rapid recovery of mineral reserves of the sow after previous lactation;
  • increasing the service life of the sow;
  • high growth rate of fattening livestock.


WELLFARM LLC, which includes an experienced team of specialists in animal nutrition, together with specialists from INGASO FARM S.L.U. has developed its line of BMVD and concentrates for feeding pigs based on Spanish cores:

  • PIGLEBUST – prestarters
  • PIGLESTART – products for the starter feeding period
  • VELPAK is a line of products for fattening
  • WELSOU – products for feeding sows

The products of WELLFARM LLC are manufactured at Izium CCP (ISO, GMP + certification). All raw materials are laboratory tested. At the heart of prestarter diets is the long-term experience of Spanish specialists in this field, which we use in the manufacture and development of our products. Prestarter feed contains easily digestible proteins and Spanish kernel (mixture of probiotics, prebiotics, protected organic and inorganic acids, sweeteners, vitamin-mineral complex, enzymes, etc.), granule 2.5 mm.

Ingaso Active

Premix for the period of pregnancy and lactation of sows

Ingaso Biocomplex

Feed additive for the prevention of limb problems in sows and breeding boars

Ingaso Elite

Premix for the period of fattening pigs

Ingaso Fertile

Feed additive to improve the reproductive function of sows and breeding boars

Ingaso Lotus

Vitamin and mineral premix for piglets weighing up to 25 kg

Ingaso P-140

Vitamin and mineral premix for piglets up to the 15th day after weaning

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